Louisiana's Call for Quality Schools

The 2012 Call for Quality Schools (RFA), this year’s new school application process, calls for applications from educators with successful track records to open new high-performing charter schools in areas of high priority need throughout the state. We are calling great educators, both here in Louisiana and beyond, to create great new schools where they are needed most.

The following areas of high priority need have been identified for 2012: Baton Rouge, Northwest Louisiana, Central and North Central Louisiana, Jefferson Parish, and New Orleans.  Successful applicants that meet the Department’s identified areas of need will have priority in the allocation of any available facilities and will be eligible for incubation funding, up to $200,000 per-school for the first three years of operation.  The RSD is seeking entrepreneurial organizations with successful records to transform eligible schools across the state into Type 5 charter schools.  Schools that have been labeled Academically Unacceptable for a minimum of five consecutive years are eligible for RSD take-over and conversion to a Type 5 charter school. In areas where individual schools have not been identified, the Department is seeking entrepreneurial organizations with successful records to start-up new Type 2 charter schools.

Significant improvements are being made to this year’s application process, many of which resulted directly from input provided by a task force of community stakeholders convened in New Orleans by the RSD, in partnership with the Department’s Office of Parental Options (OPO). Made up of former applicants, representatives of community and alumni groups, and other stakeholders, the task force identified key strengths in the process, including its use of independent reviewers and its rigor and focus on quality, as well as important areas for improvement including streamlining of the application, greater transparency, and more clearly defined expectations of applicants and the independent review teams.

If you have any questions about the application, please email them to rfa@la.gov. Additionally, starting Friday, May 11, there will be call-in office hours every Friday from 1:00pm to help answer any questions you may have about the charter application process. The call-in information is 610.214.0000 and the code is 273310#.

Key Dates for Applicants:

Submit Letter of Intent- July 1
Optional Eligibility Check- June 29 
Complete Application and Eligibility Documentation- July 31
Response to the Request for Clarification- September 17
Applicant Interviews- September 24-25
Response to Draft Review- October 23
Response to Final Review- November 13
Superintendent Recommendation- November 23
BESE Meeting- December 5